Our Commitment to the Living Wage

Here at Blue Carrot Catering, teamwork is everything. Our talented, passionate team is the driving force behind our success. Without them, we couldn’t create the delicious, high-quality food that you know and love. And that’s why we have committed to pay all our staff the living wage.
First set up in 2012, the Living Wage is a nationwide voluntary movement aimed at addressing poverty and inequality. The living wage is calculated by the independent New Zealand Family Centre Social Policy Unit and reflects the true cost of living. This includes the basic expenses our workers and their families have to cover, such as food, transportation, housing and childcare.

The living wage is set at $22.10 and is due to increase in September to $22.75 per hour, which is $2.75 more than the government’s current minimum wage.
‘We want Blue Carrot Catering to continue to be a great place to work,’ says our Managing Director James Stuart.
‘We made the decision to pay our staff the living wage as we feel this demonstrates our commitment to the team and strengthens our relationship with staff.’

Blue Carrot Catering currently has 20 full-time workers plus many casual front-of-house staff. All employees will benefit from the living wage increase, which sets the minimum hourly rate for workers.
‘We believe paying a living wage is an important way we can thank and acknowledge our team for their hard work,’ explains James.
Blue Carrot Catering is also encouraging industry suppliers and partners to introduce the living wage into their workplaces.
For us, the living wage is a no-brainer.
‘We know how hard our team works,’ says James. ‘And we are very proud of our reputation for outstanding customer service, which the team delivers every day.’
‘Our commitment to the living wage is a big thank you to the whole team,’ he concludes.

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